Sunday, March 2, 2008

Keep on running...

I didn't do any cycling this week as I found myself in the pool 4 times. I'm still trying to "find" myself in the water. This leg is definitely my weakest link, but I do enjoy the challenge - not to mention the workout! Coach Michael has been really great at reteaching me how to swim and I am very greatful for that. Definitely a really great coach.

On another note, this morning I went for a run around Green Lake and I timed myself -28:30. It's slow, but it's a start. It felt awesome and I actually contemplated doing a second loop but I remember that I had overtrained a few months ago and found myself getting PT on my knees. I want to make Sunday runs a regular routine from now on. Last week was my first time running around the lake, and I think I started off too fast - around 8 min/mile pace. I found myself out of breath several times and had to walk it out. One thing I have noticed is without some sort of device, it's really hard for me to figure out how fast I am going. Then I remembered that I had purchased a Nike + iPod running device. Bascially, there is a sensor that goes into your Nike running shoes (you need to get a specific pair of shoe that has a socket for the sensor) and there is a wireless adaptor that plugs into your iPod Nano. The data is logged after each run and it keeps track of your stats.

Place the sensor in your left Nike+ shoe, in the built-in pocket beneath the insole.

Attach the receiver to your iPod nano.

Hit the ground running with workout-based voice feedback.

I must say, that I really like my Nike Air Equalon running shoes over my New Balance shoes. The Nikes absorb shock so well and they are so much lighter, although my New Balance offer a lot more stability.

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