Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beijing Olympics

So I just realized that the Danskin is around the same time as the Olympics. Which means, that I will have to fly back for it or skip it. Since every new triathlete should do the Danskin, I'd rather not miss it.

I started to research the logics of flying to Beijing for the Summer Olympics. It would definitely be the most amazing cultural experience of my life. I doubt that in my lifetime the Olympics would ever go back to China - the country of my ancestors. I have several friends living in Beijing that I could crash with. Unfortunately, they tell me that I might have to scalp for event tickets. The events that I would love to see are: Gymnastics, diving, swimming, badminton, track and triathlon of course!

Simon Whitfield of Canada won the first ever triathlon event held at the Olympics in Syndey 2000. I remember watching this on TV, it was so inspiring!

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