Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sorry, gotta run!

Last night, I developed a way to use triathlon as an excuse to get away from unwanted attention.

A friend had a massive birthday party and it was full of new faces. She is what most people would regard as a Seattle socialite and there's always something to do when she has your name in her rolodex.

Older Man: "So, I hear you organize hiking trips. Can I give you my business card so that you can add me to your email list?"

Angela's interpretation: Here's my business card, can I get your contact information? Pretty clever...I take his business card, look at it and he turns out to be the owner/president of some real estate development company.

Angela: "So you're a real estate developer. I was looking for a place around Green Lake so that I can run around the lake every morning."

Older Man: "What kind of place were you looking for? I just purchased some property at Bridal Trails, I will be building a 5000 square foot home there. I need a lot of space so that I can throw these lavish parties."

Angela: "Wow, that's a really beautiful area. And a really large home."

Older Man: "Yes, I have that place all to myself. I feel very comfortable being single. I didn't feel like that when I was younger though. So right now, I spend a lot of my free time on my sail boat. What type of guy do you like?"

Angela's interpretation: I'm available are you? Am I your type? I'm rich and very well established.

Older Man: "That's a really nice handbag, my ex-girlfriend has about thirty thousand dollars of handbags in her closet. I bought a Louis Vuitton handbag for a friend and couldn't believe it, it was $2000."

Angela's interpretation: I can get a woman if I want. And I can afford to buy you a lot of bling. Be mine!

Angela: "Oh I think the group wants to settle the check."

Older Man: "Are you going to Lucky Strike afterwards? Let me pay for your meal, you're really cool."

Angela's interpretation: Give me a sign that you are interested.
Sorry buddy, you're about to strike out. I'm not interested in you or your money. What a loser...

Angela: "No, I'm going for a run early tomorrow morning. Training to do my first triathlon. It's hard work you know. Sorry gotta run!"

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