Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am shrinking

Well, I have been training for 1 month now and all that work has noticeably improved my endurance and fitness. My doctor weighed me today and I lost 5 pounds last month which puts me just under 120 pounds now. I think it was all that swimming that did it. This really demonstrates how turning up the intensity of your workouts can really help with sheding those pounds. I have a feeling that my weight will continue to drop as I build my endurance. Here are some important tips to maintain a healthy waistline, at least this is what works for me.

1) Exercise regularily: I should mention that your workouts should be pretty intense.
2) Eat 5-6 times a day:
Here what I typically eat in a day:
- Breakfast: cereal with soy milk (don't skip this meal)
- Lunch: grilled turkey breast with vegetables
- Snack: 1 low calorie granola bar
- Dinner: pasta with tomato sauce or grilled salmon with rice and salad
- Snack: 1 Apple or sometimes I have a small bowl of ice cream
3) No excuses: Don't skip your workouts, just do it!
4) Workout in the morning: If you can get up early, workout. I think it gets your metabolism going stronger for the rest of the day.
5) Eat plenty of carbs: If you are going to have a really hard workout, eat a lot of carbs the night before. I get so much more gas in the tank.
6) Don't drink your calories: I stick with very low calorie beverages. No soda (diet is OK), no beer, I even drink light OJ.

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