Friday, March 7, 2008

Issaquah Tri

I just joined USAT (USA Triathlon) and signed up for the Issaquah triathlon - which is in 12 weeks! I better practice my swimming some more - make that a lot more.

Anyways, so the PRO Sports Club Triathletes team has a gender distribution unlike anything I have seen. It's kinda surreal to be surounded by so many women because most things in my academic and worklife are male dominated. So you would think that ProClub being mostly a Microsoft fitness club that the team would be prodominently men. The ratio of men to women at Microsoft is 4:1 and the ratio of men to women in Engineering disciplines is around 10:1. But believe or not, there are actually way more women then men on the team. I brought up this fact over lunch today with my pretty much all single male development team:

Angela: "Hey guys, you know there are a lot of women on the PSCT team. I think the ratio is like 75% women....and they are all pretty fit."

The table goes silent, they all look at me....

Male developer: "Geez, there must be an easier way to meet women than having to do triathlons."

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