Thursday, February 28, 2008

You are what you eat

This is something that Oprah had mentioned. I thought I would share this here as well.

I have come to understand that you cannot consume junk and expect not to have an unjunked life. This is true not only with food but with everything. You are what you eat, just like you are what you do and what you truely believe. Your beliefs can propel you forward or hold you back.

Over the past few years, I have tried to get my body into shape. I have recently come to realize that this process was not only about trying to look better, but learning to treat myself well. Eating well, staying fit and healthy is very symbolic of how you treat yourself. And when you treat yourself well, it shows and the glow radiates to every aspect of your life. Thus in some way, your attitude is linked to what you ingest.

This does not mean that I won't allow myself to eat what I love most - like a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Food that makes you feel good (what I call soul food) can give you a lot more than a lot of low calorie healthy food. All those carrot sticks won't give you the satisfaction if all you crave is ice cream. The next day after, I might go for an extra 30 minute run, but I know the ice cream was well worth it. In the end, it's all about balance.

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