Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seattle Danskin

The largest triathlon in the World – and it is all women...here in Seattle!

Oh my God, registration for this triathlon filled up in hours! When I had reached my office after swim class this morning, the online registration had just closed and I had to rush to the post office to mail in my application as they still accepted entry forms post marked before or on today. Unfortunately there was no Seattle entry forms to download online - because registration had closed, thus I had to search on the web for it. I ended up finding a PDF version for Orlando, and had to "modify" it for Seattle. This is when being computer geek on paper really comes in handy. All the entry forms are the same except it has the city on the top, so you just have to change that - which wasn't too hard.

Race Distance: Open Water Swim - 604M, Bike - 12 miles, Run - 3.1 miles

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