Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 1: Meet and Greet

So on Saturday we had a team kick off and it was great to see that everyone was really nice. The room was full of your everyday individuals - only this group was highly motivated and had big goals. Some people didn't even know how to swim!

We were introduced to the coaches and then everyone got a chance to introduce themselves. After the meeting, one of our coaches Josh took us to workout - indoor cycling followed by some interval run. It was awesome to get an intro to indoor cycling. Man, I have not sweat like that in a while and my butt was really sore from that seat! Triathletes get free indoor cycling, so all I am waiting on is for my cycling shoes to arrive. I have found it pretty challenging to find the right gear. Almost everything is too big for me. It took me a lot of shopping around to find the right bike, then a lot of shopping around to find the right pair of shoes. I ended up purchasing 2007 tri cycling shoes by Sidi. Luckily they were on clearance and one of the few models that had my size.

So these are triathlon specific road shoes, as they are specially designed to be put on quickly as you transition from the swim to the bike portion. Also they have a lining in the shoe so that you can bike without socks and air vents to dry your feet. Lastly, they tend to be lighter then regular cycling shoes as they have fewer buckles.