Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heart rate

Today I got an opportunity to try out the underwater treadmill. Basically, it is like a regular treadmill, but it is underwater - duh? There are cameras so that you can see your form and jets that push you for resistance. We all got a 15 minute demo, but the guy before me didn't show so I took his spot as well. In the end I got a 30 minute workout. After all that, I did 10 laps in the pool (still needed to rest in between laps). Is it just me or is it easier to swim in deeper water?

Anyways, so I was watching Dr. Oz talk about heart rate on Oprah tonight. Which got me thinking about my target heart rate. Here are my numbers:

Resting heart rate: 66 beats/min - count how many in 10 seconds then I multiply by 6 (while sitting down watching TV)
Target heart rate: 129-172 beats/min

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