Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Triathlon on Biggest Loser

I have a secret. I am a really big fan of Biggest Loser. There's something about the final weigh in that just keeps me hooked. Anyways, last night, the remaining contestants had to do a short distance triathlon in Austrailia: 300 meter open water swim, a bike then a run (not sure what the distances were) and the finish line was at the top of a really tall sky scraper so they had to climb the stairs to get to it. This is a pretty big accomplishment considering that these folks 12 weeks ago were 100 pounds above their recommended weight. They have lost so much weight, in such a short period of time. This cannot be healthy. I did read in some article that most of them gain their weight back after the show is complete. One guy said that after 1 week he regained over 30 pounds of water. They workout like 5 hours a day with their trainers. Kai, one of the contestants from last seasons show said that she would soak in a hottub for hours to dehydrate herself before the final weigh in. Unfortunately, the TV show knows that America is more interested in seeing weight loss than weight maintenance.

Anyways, my bike is in the shop for my 90 day tune up - free of course. I also told them that I had a really hard time braking because the levers are too far out and I have a really small hand. So Gregg's said they will take care of that for me. I then asked them about how to take off the pedals on my bike, as it was unclear to me and he said that if I brought my pedals they could install them for me - of course I left those at home :( Apparently I need some wrench, which I don't own I'm sure. I sure hope someone brings a wrench to our bike maintenance clinic on Saturday.

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