Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Half marathon course map and elevations

OK so the math nerd in me was curious about the actual elevation gains of Seattle's local half marathons. So far I have run the Seattle Rock'n Roll half and the Seattle half marathons. The one I have yet to attempt is the Mercer Island half which I plan to next March. Here are the elevation maps for each run.

The Seattle Rock'n Roll, although the elevation gain is not quite as high as the Seattle half, was the most challenging as it contained the largest hills. Hills have a way of zapping everything out of you, especially the steep ones.

Seattle half marathon that I just completed is technically the course with the most elevation gain and arguably the most hills.

Mercer Island half, while I have not done this one yet, I heard that the road is uneven, so you want to make sure to run down the middle of the road otherwise one side of your body might get really sore.

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