Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going Long

I was hoping to find "Going Long" by Joe Friel at Barnes and Noble but was disappointed...twice. I ended up purchasing it on Amazon along with The Triathlete Training Bible also by Joe Friel.

Today I took advantage of the rare sunshine and went for a 25 mile bike. At first, I was worried that what I was wearing would not keep me warm, but I was sweating like crazy...only my toes were frozen. I live not too far from the Red Hook Brewery, so from my place I rode along the Lake Sammammish River trail until I hit Marymore park then did a portion of Lake Sammammish. As always, I had to climb Juanita Woodinville Way hill (nasty) to get back to my place. While I was riding I realized how much triathlon has changed my life. Race day is only small part of the journey...because there were so many times I just wanted to stay in bed or head home instead of training. But I persist on and I grow stronger because of it.


Anonymous said...

Were you wearing a green coat? I think I saw you from my car. Way to keep the persistence girl. Its awesome!

Angela said...

Yeah I was wearing a green coat! That was me!