Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome to my training site

Hi everyone, welcome to my triathlon training blog. Over the course of the next few months I will be training for several traithlons. I am completely new to this sport - in fact my new road bike has not even seen the pavement yet.

I purchased this bike from Gregg's Cycle. It is 43 cm and a Women's Specific Design (WSD) by Trek. The interesting thing about this small framed bike is it comes with smaller 650c wheels otherwise the standard 700c wheels would hit your foot while turning. The bike is really light (we weighed it at 20 pounds on site) as it has a carbon fork and seat post. People pay a lot of money just to reduce the weight of their bike by a few ounces and the costs increases exponentially. So to go from a 16 pound bike to a 15 pound bike it would cost an additional $1600. The bikes used at the Tour de France weigh about 15 pounds.

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