Sunday, July 11, 2010

I need to bike more

OK so this weekend, I joined Joyce to do a Cascade training ride around Lake Washington. It was 50 miles and I am not sore at all today which is surprising since I have not been biking much. This ride made me realize how weak I am on the hills. I need to really put in more miles if I am to do the Federal Escape olympic distance in 3 weeks. So here is my training plan for the next 3 weeks:

Saturday: Long bike 45 miles or more
Sunday: 4-6 mile run
Monday: Bike to work, go for a short run after work
Tuesday: Triathlon swim class
Wednesday: Bike to work, go for a short run after work
Thursday Triathlon swim class
Friday: Open water swim at Idylwood in the AM

I just realized there is no rest day here, but I think that Friday is restful enough since it will be only a 30 minute swim. Wish me luck!

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Kayla A. Kaiser said...

Good luck my bike twinzie. I'm glad you're still training and started posting again. I'm in Europe for the summer, without my bike, but I've been training in an indoor wave pool and on a crazy vintage bike for an oceanside triathalon when I get back stateside (I live in San Diego, California). My husband just mailed me my running shoes so I'll be hitting the running soon too. Good luck!!!