Friday, August 7, 2009

Swim for Life

This week I signed up to participate with a team of 4 friends for the Swim for Life, a 2.5 mile swim across the cold, murky waters of Lake Washington. Why on earth would anyone want to take on a challenge like this? I’m doing it for two very good reasons: 1) to prove that I can do it and 2) to raise funds for a new bloodmobile for Puget Sound Blood Center.

I've had feet injuries that have hampered my triathlon season, so being able to swim this would mean so much to me. I've been training over the past year, swimming regularly 3 times a week. These next two weeks I will be out practicing in Lake Sammamish to get comfortable with the long, long swim. I have never swam more than 1mile continually so this will be a great challenge for me. Yesturday I did 2 laps of the Idylwood buoy line, tomorrow morning I will do 4. 8 laps is equivalent to my swim on August 19th. Wish me luck!

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