Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yeah Garmin!

OK, so I caved and ended up purchasing the Garmin 305 GPS with heart rate monitor. It was on sale at Costco for $159, retails for $299. It'll be nice to be able to download all your data and view your run, bike and swim courses.

I guess I will just return my Timex, although I've been pretty happy with it.

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Anonymous said...

How is the user interface for this device? I am currently using the Nike+ system to track my runs and I like it okay. I don't have an nice outdoor lake in which to swim and I don't really care to track swim practice. But I would like to keep track of my biking and am wondering how this fares as a bike computer?

Do heart rates correlate with different times along the course?

Your blog is very helpful!!! Good luck with your foot injury! I'm sure you'll be back in no time at all.