Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm one big ball of stress

Work has been so busy lately, I've barely had a moment to breathe. I'm also having to deal with some injuries that are still on the mend and lastly, I'm having some issues with close friends of mine. Oh did I mention that I gained 2 pounds from my lowest weight? Two pounds isn't much, but they can add up if you are not careful. Thus I have been exercising everyday and watching my food intake. For the most part, I have been swimming. However yesturday after Master swim class my shoulder was sore...this adds a bit more stress as now I have another injury to worry about.

Gosh, I really need a vacation!

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Anonymous said...

Take a day off - go get a massage, go shopping, go to a healthy lunch. :) Its a stressful time for alot of people given the economy and all.
Do something for YOU other than train and work! I have to do that periodically (like weekly.. :) ) to get back to normal. Yoga and meditation are great too!